Speciality Coffee Fitness


Premium Speciality Coffee Fitness

green coffee, green tea and white beans extracts

Natural extracts from raw, unroasted coffee, tea and white beans combined with our premium mix to aid you in weight loss and other health benefits. Green coffee and tea contains naturally occurring antioxidants namely, Chlorogenic acid and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) while white beans, the “starch blockers”, can prevent alpha-amylase (an enzyme in the body) from breaking down carbohydrates into glucose(sugar) leaving behind less glucose for the body to turn into fat helping to keep your body fit.

These innovative functional formulations combine the rich quality coffee with the skin beautifying properties and the health promoting benefits of natural nutritional extracts to meet the needs of the beauty and health conscious. Indulge in its rich aroma and signature taste whilst maintaining your body fitness or beautiful skin.

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